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About Aspen Ridge Corporation dba LeadsGopher.com

President – Ken Kurtz

Ken drives the technology, strategic and leadership services at LeadsGopher.com. Ken is recognized for his finance, marketing and business development expertise and exceptional Internet knowledge and experience. He has been active in the use of technology and information systems for business development and intelligence purposes for over 20 years.

Before founding LeadsGopher.com, Ken was a highly successful entrepreneur and founder of a mergers & acquisitions company specializing in public company reorganizations.  Using technology and direct marketing systems, he grew his businesses from zero to generating nearly $5 million in profits over three years.  Since 2001, Ken has assisted several start-ups and has been engaged in futures trading and affiliate marketing. During his work in affiliate marketing he discovered the need to assist small businesses with their internet marketing and business development utilizing methods and systems he developed during the explosive growth of his own business.

Ken lives in Phoenix, AZ with his wife Carrie.

Brief History:

For 11 years through mid-2006 Aspen Ridge Corporation provided financial consulting in the area of mergers & acquisitions to small businesses. The company was either principal or advisor in over 25 transactions creating hundreds of millions of dollars in new shareholder value.

Currently, Aspen Ridge is engaged in affiliate and direct response marketing both online and offline.


Aspen Ridge assists small businesses with business development and offers an marketing course titled “Small Business Marketing Magic – How to Get More Customers, Clients and Patients in a Month than You Now Get All Year”. The course consists of several manuals and CDs.

Online – primary websites:

http://www.everythingspinal.com - a website providing inspiration and education to people who suffer from spinal cord injuries.

Additionally Aspen Ridge markets a number of products as an affiliate through Pay-Per-Click ads, email, blogs and other online and offline means.

Aspen Ridge Corporation is a Nevada “C” corporation incorporated December 1995.

Directors: Ken W. Kurtz and Carrie L. Kurtz
President: Ken W. Kurtz


Aspen Ridge Corporation
208 West Portland Street #360
Phoenix, AZ 85003
Phone: (623) 237-9211

Email: kkurtz123@msn.com

Ken Kurtz

Ken Kurtz, President